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Cooling Season Maintenance


Keep cool during the warm summer months

Our experienced service technicians will provide the following 11-point precision tune-up, professional cleaning and safety inspection services:

1. Check and Clean Inside Cooling Coil, If Accessible

Foreign material on the coil reduce air conditioning system must run longer, increasing energy consumption and raising your cooling costs.

2. Clean Primary and Secondary Drains

A clogged condensate drain can cause considerable water damage and will increase humidity levels.

3. Check and Clean Condenser Coil

Foreign material on the condenser coil reduces the system’s cooling capacity to remove heat from the house. A dirty coil will increase your cooling cost by 30% or more and can shorten the life of your air conditioner.

4. Check Operation Pressures for Proper Refrigerant Charge

Improper refrigerant charges – too much or too little – can damage the compressor and will cause high electric bills and reduced cooling capacity due to inefficient equipment operation.

5. Adjust and Clean Blower Components

Proper adjustment and cleanliness of blower and components is necessary for adequate air flow to assure maximum cooling performance.

6. Monitor Air Conditioning Cycle

Our trained Serviceman will assure that the air conditioner is “cycling” on and off properly.

7. Lubricate All Moving Parts Where Applicable

Poor lubrication causes drag in the motor and drive shaft, thereby requiring more electricity to overcome resistance. This condition will cause early motor or bearing failure.

8. Monitor Voltage Draw and Amperage on All Motors

Motors are designed to operate at standard voltage and amperage draw. By measuring amperage draw, problems can be identified before the unit fails.

9. Check and Tighten Loose Electrical Connections

Loose electrical connections are a common source of problems which cause your electrical parts to fail and your air conditioner to become inoperative.

10. Clean and Adjust Thermostat

To ensure even temperature control for your home.

11. Make Recommendations

To improve the operating efficiency of your air conditioner.

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