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ENERGY STAR – Do You Really Save?

March 2023

Some think “Energy Star” is a brand name or a promotional gimmick. It’s not! It is a volunteer program sanctioned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Action Air trusts its findings, and so…

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Why Commercial HVAC Maintenance is Important

February 2023

If you own a business and have a commercial HVAC system, there are important reasons for having regular maintenance check-ups. Action Air has the answers to questions you may have.  1. What does…

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Do You Need a Whole House Humidifier?

January 2023

Action Air wants you to know about the many benefits of a whole house humidifiers.  What is a whole house humidifier? A humidifier injects controlled humidity into your home. There are two types…

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A Wi-Fi Thermostat Is Convenient & Can Save You Money

December 2022

With today’s technology, you can do almost anything from your smartphone. You can even get savings on your energy bill with a Wi-Fi thermostat, and Action Air can help.  Wi-Fi thermostats have been…

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