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Your HVAC Unit Is Working Overtime This Winter!

February 2020

During the winter months, your HVAC system has to work overtime to keep your home or business warm and cozy. Check out these tips from Action Air to reduce the strain on your…

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When You Need Community Action – Call Action Air!

January 2020

You already know, “When you need action, call Action Air” for all your heating and cooling needs, But, did you know that you can also depend on Action Air to be involved in…

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How Can You Tell When Your Furnace is Failing?

December 2019

Action Air wants you to be aware of possible furnace problems before they become a major breakdown. Start and Stop If your furnace is cycling on and off, it’s because something in the…

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Are You Noticing Strange Smells From Your HVAC System?

November 2019

As most of us are turning on our furnace for the first time this season, Action Air explains what you might be smelling. Burning Smell? When you turn on your furnace at the…

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