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Do I really need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

October 2015

Energy efficiency is a huge priority for homeowners.   With cold weather coming, our houses are tightly sealed and furnaces are starting to run regularly.   In homes that are well insulated, carbon…

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What Type of Furnace is Right for You?

September 2015

Your furnace keeps you warm at night and helps you out of bed in the morning. While being comfortable is important, you should also consider energy efficiency and cost when you are thinking…

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Saving Money with a Digital Thermostat

August 2015

Let’s face it, digital thermostats can be intimidating.   But, used properly, they can save you lots of money! Are you wondering how can a digital thermostat save you money?  It’s all in…

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Why is my air conditioner blowing hot air?

July 2015

Air conditioning can be essential on a hot summer day. Nothing is worse than hot air blowing from your AC. We all expect that sound of an air conditioner working to mean a…

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