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How to Maintain My Air Conditioner

March 2017

Spring cleaning time is here! Getting your house in order not only applies to clearing out closets and knocking down cobwebs, but also to maintaining your AC unit. Check out these great tips…

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How do I make my house more energy efficient?

February 2017

It’s common to see spikes in heating bills during the winter, especially immediately following the holidays. Once the sticker shock sets in, it often leads people to wonder how to make their home…

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DIY Tips to Help Insulate Your Home.

January 2017

A quality heater works best with the support of good insulation! Everyone knows the importance of a quality heating system in the winter. However, nothing can ruin a working heating unit quite like…

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Host a cool party without guests getting too hot!

December 2016

Whether you’ve been the host, an attendee, or even a party crasher, we have all been to a holiday party that got way too hot. When it’s cold outside, the natural response is…

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