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What are some common AC repairs?

Summer’s hottest months are the worst time to experience a faulty Air Conditioner.

Luckily most issues can be caught before they become bigger problems!  If you are experiencing a unit that isn’t cooling as well as it used to, you might be having one of these common summertime issues.

Leaking Refrigerant

Air conditioners contain refrigerant, which allows the system to run efficiently, releasing heat from the air to cool it. When refrigerant leaks, it means something is wrong. Since refrigerant is such an important part of an AC system, it is designed to stay within the system throughout its life. And leaky refrigerant lines require sealing.

Once any leaks have been repaired, it’s important that the technician performing your home AC repair charge your cooling system with the proper amount of refrigerant. The manufacturer will specify this amount – correct refrigerant charge allows your cooling system to perform efficiently and accurately.

Cleaning Condensate Lines

An air conditioner’s cooling process produces condensation, which normally flows away from the equipment and is drained away. If there is a clog in the condensate drain lines or drip pan water will start to back up. A leaky air conditioner usually needs a cleaning, which is part of regular system maintenance.

Broken Fan Belt

When a fan belt wears down, it will need to be replaced. A good sign that you need a fan belt replacement is a loud squeaking coming from your unit, but not every fan belt will make a noise. Routine maintenance is the best way to catch a worn fan belt early, so you’re not stuck without air conditioning!

Broken Compressor Fan

Your air conditioner’s outdoor unit is where the compressor, fan, and condenser coils all live. Their job is to release heat from the air, transferring it out of your home to produce a cool indoor climate. When the outdoor fan isn’t working correctly, the heat transfer process is impaired. A broken fan can cause the compressor to overheat. This, in turn, could trigger the air conditioner’s safety features, turning your air conditioner off; overheating can also cause damage to the compressor itself, requiring home AC repair or compressor replacement.

Frozen Condenser Coils

If your air conditioner’s condenser coils freeze, your system will not run properly. If there isn’t enough air passing through, it can cause ice to form on the coils. This is typically caused by debris – such as dirty air filters or blocked return air ducts. Low refrigerant could also be the cause, requiring a refrigerant charge.

If any of these issues sound like they may be the problem, there’s good news!  Action Air is equipped to handle these issues and more.  Our experienced technicians can come to your house or business and perform a thorough maintenance check.  If we discover a bigger issue, we’ll let you know and give you some options before we continue.  At Action Air We’ve been providing the Clarksville area with heating, cooling, sales, and service since 1979. We have certified service technicians, qualified installers, and a knowledgeable sales staff. When You Need Action, Call Action Air!

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