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4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your HVAC for the Cold Weather

November 2014

Can you feel it… coming in the air tonight? Hold on! Because these 4 easy ways to prepare your HVAC for cold weather will keep you warm while lowering your heating bill! Change…

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Why You Should Choose An HVAC Career

October 2014

Finding a “job” is easy.  It’s finding a long-term, stable career that is the struggle.  But if you love people, being a member of a community and working with your hands than you…

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“Falling” Into Preventative Maintenance

September 2014

Get Ready to “Fall” Into Cooler Temperatures… And A Preventative Maintenance Plan With Action Air Clarksville! It’s that time of year again! We’re ready to pack the flip-flops away and dig out the…

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Home Air Filters 101

August 2014

What? Home air filters are vital to a home’s heating and central air-conditioning system. These disposable filters trap particles as air passes through. With a typical system, as the fan runs the filters are…

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