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DIY Tips to Help Insulate Your Home.

A quality heater works best with the support of good insulation!

Everyone knows the importance of a quality heating system in the winter. However, nothing can ruin a working heating unit quite like poor insulation. Even the best insulation systems can use a little help every now and then. Check out these DIY tips to make sure your heater has the support it needs during the colder months this year!

Seal Around Your Doors

Anything that lets you in and out of your home can (and does) also let the outside temperature in. Take steps to ensure that the openings around your doors and windows are sealed to the best of your ability during the winter to help keep your home warm. More often than not, cold air gets in through the small crack at the bottom of your doors. To avoid the full blast of this draft, install a draft excluder! Is “draft excluder” a new term for you? Don’t worry, that is just a fancy way of describing the small tube of insulation you can install at the bottom of your door to keep drafts out. Draft excluders can be found at most home improvement and hardware store.

Insulate Your Windows

The same principles described for your doors also applies to your windows! Believe it or not, the glass in your windows is not always 100% effective in keeping the outside temperatures at bay. This is especially true in older homes. To help ensure that your windows are well insulated, consider temporarily using some basic window film during the winter. All you will need to do is roll out the proper size and tape it up! This item can also be found at most home improvement stores.

Layer Your Decor

In the olden days, people would layer wallpaper as an added form of home insulation. While this is not the most effective method of upping the insulation factor in your home, every little bit helps! Consider using drapes around your windows (just be sure to keep them open in the day to let the sun shine in, then close them at night), area rugs, and even arranging furniture in such a way that cracks are covered more thoroughly. When moving furniture, make sure not to block any vents in the process.   

Extra insulation goes a long way, but nothing beats the warmth of a working heating unit. Our experienced HVAC installation and repair team have the know-how and tools to install a new unit in your home. Having heating issues with your current system? Call us to inspect your entire heating system for signs of problems. We are certified to work with gas lines and have the training and protective gear to do so without injury. No heating problem is too complex for our professional staff, so give Action Air in Clarksville, TN a call at 931-647-8525 and stay warm today!


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