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How do I make my house more energy efficient?

It’s common to see spikes in heating bills during the winter, especially immediately following the holidays.

Once the sticker shock sets in, it often leads people to wonder how to make their home more energy efficient.

Improve energy efficiency in your home with these quick tips!


1) Upgrade your windows

Are your windows and their seals letting extra air or heat escape? Boost the energy efficiency of your current windows with weather stripping, you may even need to consider upgrading to a newer, more energy conscious model of window.

2) Replace an older furnace with a higher efficiency system

Furnaces built before 1992 have an average of 35% fuel waste; it is likely also very near the end of its service life. Early replacement is highly recommended since furnace complications may affect your comfort, energy consumption, and even your safety! Schedule a consultation with Action Air and we would be happy to make a more energy efficient recommendation for your home!

3) Check your ductwork

The health of your duct system is imperative to your home’s overall energy efficiency and temperature regulation. Make sure your ducts are properly maintained to ensure that no damage or wear and tear goes unnoticed.

These simple tips are just a few of the ways that you can improve energy efficiency in your home. To schedule a preventative maintenance or repair appointment, give the team at Action Air a call. Interested in upgrading your furnace? We would love to help you learn more about which furnace is the best choice for your home. Give our qualified team a ring at (931) 647-8525 or contact us online. When You Need Action, Call Action Air!


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