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What Type of Furnace is Right for You?

Your furnace keeps you warm at night and helps you out of bed in the morning.

While being comfortable is important, you should also consider energy efficiency and cost when you are thinking about a new furnace.

So, what are your options when you need a new furnace?   At Action Air we have several types of furnaces available.  There are many price and efficiency ranges available for you to consider.  We are going to compare a few different furnace options that Action Air offers to the Clarksville area, and share a little about how each kind works.

Today’s furnaces pollute less and boost comfort by producing heat more steadily than older furnaces.  Although electric and oil furnaces are still available, gas is the most common fuel used in furnaces today and the type of furnace we want to discuss.   A forced air furnace utilizes propane or natural gas, and is generally the most efficient and economical method of heating.  There are several types of forced air furnaces available and they have various energy ratings.  

  • Single Stage FurnaceThis type of furnace is the most common furnace, utilizing a simple operation. There is only one fan speed and the gas flame is either on or off.  These furnaces will wait for the temperature in a building to get to the coldest possible setting before firing on.  Once the furnace starts, it will fill the house full of heat until the thermostat registers the temperature being the same as its setting. The temperature within a house will vary greatly, which makes this type of furnace the most wasteful in terms of energy. A single stage furnace will also be the loudest during operation.  They are, however, the most affordable during the initial investment.
  • Dual Stage Furnace – The dual stage furnace is more sophisticated than the single stage furnace.  Rather than simply being on or off, its flame can be firing at a high setting, low setting, or off.  The additional flame setting makes a dramatic difference in energy costs.  In addition, a dual stage furnace is much quieter than single stage furnaces.  The initial cost will be higher, but the difference will be made up over time because of the increase in energy efficiency.  
  • Modulating Furnace A modulating furnace will adjust its flame in increments.  This helps to ensure that the true temperature of a building will never vary more than 1 or 2 degrees from the thermostat’s target temperature.  This type of furnace regulates the temperature more thoroughly and will eliminate the long, cold periods that occur while a room cools to the temperature where the furnace restarts (a common occurrence in single and two stage furnaces).  It also eliminates the buildup of heat that happens when a single stage furnace  is on in full force.  In addition to having variable flame settings, the blower settings on a modulation furnace are also variable.  These will adjust according to the demand on the furnace. Modulating gas furnaces are among the most energy efficient furnaces and are rated at 98% efficiency. The initial cost will be the highest with modulating furnaces; however, this price will quickly be recouped because of the energy efficiency created.

Although this is good general guide, there are an even greater number of choices and variables available within these types of furnaces.  To learn more about which furnace will be the best furnace for you, consult with one of the experts at Action Air today.  You can call us at (931) 647-8525 or contact us online.  Located in Clarksville, we have certified service technicians, qualified installers, and a knowledgeable sales staff serving Montgomery County and all of the surrounding areas. When You Need Action, Call Action Air!