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A/C Unit – What’s That Funny Noise?

Action Air says, If your A/C unit is making a funny noise, it might be something serious. Here are some common noises you might encounter.

Banging Noises

  • A banging noise indicates a problem with the compressor
  • It’s not uncommon for parts to become loose inside the compressor over time.
  • If your air conditioner is producing a banging sound, call Action Air to receive assistance with this problem.

Screeching Sounds

  • This is the most common sound from a malfunctioning fan motor.
  • The central air conditioning system connected to your home features a fan designed to remove heat from the refrigerant.
  • It may also be caused by a broken motor in the compressor or the condenser system.
  • If you hear a screeching sound coming from the HVAC system, deactivate the system and call Action Air.

Humming Noises

  • If you’re hearing a humming sound, it might be due to a defective contactor relay switch.
  • This component is designed to start the outdoor condenser unit when it receives a signal from your thermostat.
  • DO NOT ignore any electrical issues with your system. This could cause extensive repairs. Call Action Air.

Buzzing Sounds

  • A buzzing sound from your a/c unit may signal a loose or unbalanced fan blade in your outdoor condenser unit.
  • It can also be caused by:
    • Faulty outdoor fan motor
    • Dirty condenser coils
    • Loose components
    • Obstruction near the copper lines.
    • The most severe issue might be a problem with a refrigerant leak.
    • DO NOT ignore a buzzing sound. Call Action Air.

If you hear any type of noise coming from your HVAC system, give Action Air a call at (931) 647-8525 or schedule an appointment here.

If you have any A/C system problems, now is the time to call Action Air for a complete check-up.

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