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Heating Season Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance:

Heating during the cold winter months

Our experienced service technicians will provide the following 15 point precision tune-up, professional cleaning and safety inspection services.

1. Adjust and Clean Blower Components

Proper adjustment and cleanliness of blower and components necessary for adequate air flow to ensure your furnace can deliver maximum heating capacity and efficiency.

2. Check and Test Safety Controls

Safety controls are essential for proper protection of the unit and your family and will be adjusted to factory specification.

3. Monitor Furnace Cycle

Our trained Serviceman will assure that the heating system is cycling on and off properly and that controls are calibrated to factory specifications.

4. Adjust Gas Pressure

Proper gas pressure to the burners will ensure the most efficient and safe burner operation and reduces energy costs.

5. Clean Heat Exchanger and Burners

Dirty heat exchangers and burners reduce the heating efficiency and capacity of your furnace.

6. Thoroughly Check for Cracked Heat Exchanger

As your furnace gets older, there is a real danger of cracks developing in the heat exchanger. These cracks can allow dangerous products of combustion (including carbon monoxide) to enter the fresh air of your home and endanger your safety and the safety of your family. We will thoroughly inspect your heating system visually to determine if this hazard is evident.

7. Monitor Flue Draft for Safe Operations

An obstructed flue can cause products of combustion to enter your home and endanger your family’s safety.

8. Adjust Heat Anticipator Settings

The heat anticipator in your thermostat determines how often your furnace cycles and will effect the cost of operations as well as the comfort level in yourhome.

9. Check and Adjust Pilot Operations

A properly adjusted pilot will assure that your furnace will start reliably all winter.

10. Adjust Air Flow for Proper Temperature Rise

Properly adjusted blower speed will ensure you of efficient and reliable furnace operation and comfort.

11. Lubricate All Moving Parts Where Applicable

Poor lubrication causes drag in the motor and drive shaft thereby, requiring more electricity to overcome resistance. Lack of lubrication can burn out a bearing motor.

12. Check and Tighten All Loose Electrical Connections

Loose electrical connections are a common source of problems which cause your electrical parts to fail and your air conditioner to become inoperative.

13. Monitor Voltage and Amperage Draw on All Motors

Motors are designed to operate at standard voltage and amperage draw. By measuring amperage draw, problems can be identified before the unit fails

14. Clean and Adjust Thermostat

To ensure even temperature control for your home.

15. Make Recommendations

To improve the operating efficiency of your heating system.

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