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Halloween Decorations Can Be Hazardous to Your HVAC

Halloween decorations are fun but Action Air wants to warn you about some of the hazards that can happen to your system.

Blocked Vents

Be aware of the placement of decorations. Don’t block the flow of air from air ducts or return vent.

Spider Webs

Those fake spider webs are great for spooky effects but beware of loose fibers getting circulated through your HVAC system. These can clog up your filters and negatively impact your air quality.

Outdoor Decorations

Large outdoor decorations like those big blow-up pumpkins look great. Just make sure they are at least 4 – 6 feet away from your outdoor unit.

Fog Machines & Candles

Fog machines are really cool for scary ambiance but their “fog juice” could clog up filters. Even candles emit soot, so use candles sparingly.

Energy Draining

With Halloween parties, the added heat source from candles, not to mention the extra people in your house, this could mean having to run your air conditioner even in the fall. And how about the extra wattage used for the outdoor decorations? Keep in mind that on the night of trick or treating, your front door will constantly be opening and closing, letting warm air out causing your unit to work overtime.

Here are some suggestions for having a not-so-scary Halloween

  • If you’re expecting a lot of kids in your neighborhood, consider sitting outside on your front porch to greet the trick-or-treaters. You could even dress up to add to the delight of the kids. This also keeps your door closed.
  • Make plans now to change your HVAC filters after you’ve taken down all the decorations. Stock up now on some filters to have on hand.
  • But of course, the best way to keep your system in peak running condition is to schedule regular maintenance check-ups with Action Air.

If you’re ready for a thorough preventative maintenance check-up, schedule your appointment today. And as always, when you need action, call Action Air (931) 647-8525.