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Home Air Filters 101


Home air filters are vital to a home’s heating and central air-conditioning system. These disposable filters trap particles as air passes through. With a typical system, as the fan runs the filters are constantly purifying the air in your home. The filter itself should be replaced several times throughout the year.


Your air filters are typically located throughout the home in various locations where “main-living” occurs. They are hidden behind a hinged or removable cover that is either on your wall or on your ceiling. This cover is easily removable, revealing the filter behind it. You will notice the build-up of particles on the air filter and quickly understand why it is so necessary to replace it.


Dirty filters are harmful to your unit’s efficiency and are the most common reason for an HVAC system failure, costing you money, stress and discomfort. The cause of the system failure is due to the restriction of airflow, forcing the unit to work harder. This added strain, over time, can burn out the motor and cause a full system failure. In addition to wasted energy and money, a dirty air filter is affecting your family’s health as well. It reduces the air quality in your home, aggravating allergies and asthma.


Typically, a home air filter should be checked every month but the frequency of replacement varies. Determining factors include the filter type, unit location, size of home and other environmental factors such as pet hair, heavy foot traffic, and tobacco smoke. These can all decrease the life of your filter.


Once the cover has been removed, the revealed air filter is easily released. Air filters come in a variety of dimensions, but you can find your air filter’s size printed on the filter frame. You can use these dimensions to purchase a replacement. The new filter can be easily swapped with the older filter and the cover secured back in place.   Who?  If you are unable to find your filter size in your local grocery/hardware store or need advice on what brand or type to purchase, you can call Action Air Clarksville for assistance! We are always here to help!