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Is Your Ductwork Costing You Money?

Did you know, the average home loses up to 30% of its air from holes and leaks in your ductwork? Here are a few tips from Action Air for improving the efficiency of your ductwork.

Check for Leaks

  • Inspect your ducts visually for any obvious holes or any sections that may have become detached. 
  • If you don’t want to inspect the ducts yourself or if you fear there may be holes too small for you to find, contact the professionals at Action Air to perform a performance test to check for leaks.

Insulate Ductwork

  • If your ductwork passes through an unheated portion of your home, the ambient temperatures are going to affect the air inside the ducts. 
  • Minimize this problem by either insulating the entire space the ducts pass through or by insulating the duct itself.

Rerouting Ducts

  • The air passing through your ducts will be affected by drag and can contribute to energy loss.
  • You can reduce this type of loss in several ways:
    • Reduce the length of duct segments
    • Increase duct diameter
    • Reduce number of bends in ductwork
    • Reduce sharpness of bends in ductwork

Of course, your best solution to any ductwork problems is to let Action Air inspect and repair your ductwork.

When it comes to any of your air conditioning or heating needs the choice is simple. Shop locally and remember family-owned Action Air.

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