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Myth Busting: Closing AC Registers To Save Energy

We are all looking for ways to save on our next electric bill.  The summer months can be brutal at times, and spending the money to cool a home with unused rooms can become frustrating!  We’ve all been there and the logical solution would be to seal the room. So, we close the registers and shut the door behind us without even giving it a second thought.  After all, it’s a fact that the room won’t be cooled and we will save energy and money, right?


Unfortunately, sealing off a room will cause your AC to work harder to the cool the space and could lead to safety issues and costly repairs!  When you close registers, the pressure within the duct system increases.  This can lead to duct leaks, resulting in more of an energy loss and a higher electric bill.  Also, closing too many registers creates airflow resistance and could damage your system and have a negative impact on your family’s quality of life.

We suggest leaving everything open, and focusing more attention on your thermostat.  You can easily save energy in the summer by manually keeping the house warmer when you are away, and lowering the setting to a comfortable temperature only when you are home and need cooling.  There are also programmable thermostats on the market that allow your home to return to your favorite temperature right before you return home for the evening.


If you are still searching for a way to save energy and money this summer, call Action Air Clarksville and speak to a professional about how we can help!