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The Heat is HIGH…

This winter has been one for the records!! Between the extreme cold and wintry precipitation we know we aren’t the only ones dreaming of warmer days in the near future! While we may be closer to spring, the cold weather can still pose a problem, especially when it comes to heating your home. Your electric bills may rise because of the drastic cold changes, but that doesn’t mean there are not some simple tips and tricks you can make to help keep the heat in, your heating bill down, and reduce the risk for costly repairs:

• A properly sealed and insulated home can prevent the heat that you are paying for from escaping your home and will make your home cozier and reduce your heating costs!

• Make sure your air filters are clean! Dirty filters can obstruct air flow and fail to clean out dust, dander, and pollens. Changing out your air filters also makes sure your heating (and cooling) units are running efficiently, which can help with reducing the risk for repairs needed.

• During the winter months you should try not to turn the thermostat back any more than 5-7 degrees or so at night. The further back that you go the quicker the water in the pipes could freeze if the pipes are on an outside wall.

• On sunny days, take advantage of the sun to bring in heat. Adjust your blinds so they are open and tilted toward the ceiling, but be sure to close the blinds at sundown.

Check back each month to see what new tips we have for you!