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The Heat Is On!

4 Heating Tips to Save Energy During the Holidays from Action Air!

Guests coming for the holidays? Making holiday dinner for the whole family? Cooking and added people in your house is going to affect your energy costs.

You’ll want to keep your home nice and warm for your family and friends with you in the kitchen stressing over dinner menus and not to mention the added stress of those high energy bills that always come this time of year.

Here are a few heating tips to save you some money and stress:

  1. KEEP THE OVEN CLOSED – We know you want to keep checking on the Christmas ham or turkey, but every time you open the door, the oven’s temperature drops about 25 degrees.

  3. MATCH PANS AND BURNERS – When using your stove top, make sure that the pans or pots you’re heating up fit on the burner.  Don’t put a small pan on a large burner. That loses a lot of heat, and putting a large pot on a small burner takes more time to heat the pot.

  5. RUN FULL DISHWASHER LOADS – The dishwasher actually uses less water than washing by hand but you should wait until you have a full load to run the dishwasher. If you rinse your dishes before placing in the dishwasher, use cold water since hot water uses more energy.

  7. SCHEDULE A HEATING INSPECTION – The worst thing that could happen is for your heating system to break down during your family visit. Have your furnace or heat pump inspected now before the holidays so you can repair any issues before they become costly.

Schedule an appointment with Action Air now by calling (931) 647-8525. For more information about where your energy dollars are going, check this helpful site from CEMC.