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Why is my Air Conditioner so loud?

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Why is my Air Conditioner so loud?”

Here are a few answers so you can troubleshoot, before giving Action Air a call!

Even the best central air conditioner can have problems on occasion.  Air conditioners are supposed to make some noise, but there is a distinct difference between a properly running air conditioner unit and one that is having some difficulty.  The age of an AC Unit can also determine how loud it might be.  There have been significant improvements over the years;  just because it’s loud, it doesn’t mean it’s dying.  Here are a few common sounds to listen for and some ideas about what could be wrong:

  • Rattling ‑ If you hear a rattling noise coming from an exterior AC unit, it could be because something fell into the vents, such as leaves, sticks, or other outdoor debris. A rattle could also indicate something as simple as loose bolts, screws, or fasteners. However, the sound could also be coming from the compressor. As the motor in the compressor begins to age, it may get louder and begin to make noises, which would be the first sign of a problem.
  • Grinding ‑If you hear a grinding noise, it is most likely one of the fan motors. The noise usually signals that something might be going wrong with the fan motors, such as a worn bearing.  This is a problem that may warrant a service call to Action Air Conditioning.
  • Popping ‑Sometimes, you might hear popping noises in your ductwork, especially when the air cuts on and off.  This is actually an issue with your ductwork rather than the central air conditioning unit.  As ductwork ages, it may also require maintenance.  This will help to ensure that nothing is faulty or damaged.  Proper care of your ducts means that your AC unit can continue to effectively and efficiently cool your home.
  • Hissing‑A hissing or whistling noise could also be due to a problem with ductwork. However, a hissing noise coming from the AC unit itself is often indicative of a refrigerant leak, which should only be handled by an HVAC professional.

Remember, if you have any questions at all regarding noises coming from your AC Unit, you can contact Action Air Conditioning in Clarksville, TN 24/7!  We are happy to help diagnose and fix any air conditioning problems.