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Your HVAC Unit Is Working Overtime This Winter!

During the winter months, your HVAC system has to work overtime to keep your home or business warm and cozy. Check out these tips from Action Air to reduce the strain on your system.

Change your air filters!

  • Most of today’s units use disposable filters and are more efficient if replaced every month.
  • If your unit uses reusable filters, be sure to clean them regularly and make sure they are entirely dry before reinserting them into the filter compartment.

Inspect Registers & Return Grilles

  • Make sure your vents haven’t been blocked or shut. Blocked vents could restrict airflow through your HVAC system which could create performance issues and system overheating.

Move Carpets, Rugs, and Furniture from Vents

  • Check to see that vent louvers are open and unobstructed.

Check Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Test the batteries each month using the unit’s TEST button. Vacuum away any dust which has accumulated on the detectors.
  • If you detect a smell that is a bit sour, you may have a severe problem. That smell can indicate a failed heat exchanger, especially if you have a high-efficiency furnace. This could lead to serious problems since a lousy heat exchanger can pump unsafe levels of carbon monoxide (CO) gas into your home. Contact Action Air immediately to schedule an inspection.

Clear Areas Around Heating Equipment

  • Never store items directly by the furnace, especially flammable or combustible material.

Clear Exterior Vents and Chimneys of Ice or Snow

  • Flue pipes allow the heating process’s combustion by-products to exit the home. A blockage could cause carbon monoxide to leak inside.

But of course, the best way to keep your system in peak running condition is to schedule regular maintenance check-ups with Action Air.

If you’re ready for a thorough preventative maintenance check-up, schedule your appointment today. And as always, when you need action, call Action Air (931) 647-8525.