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Cabin Fever Can Save You Energy

As winter weather drags on, people tend to develop cabin fever.

Knowing that spring is approaching can get you down when you are stuck inside on a dreary winter day. Don’t let the crummy weather get you down!  Action Air has some great ideas for projects to keep you busy until warmer days arrive!  

1) Keep the heat inside your home:

There are some easy diy projects that you can do to help you keep the heat inside your house. Just a few simple but effective projects are…

  • Seal Air Leaks With Caulk Air leaks can waste a lot of your energy dollars. One of the quickest energy and money-saving tasks you can do is caulk, seal and weatherstrip all cracks and large openings to the outside.   
  • Optimize Vents – Close off vents in rooms that are unused or that you don’t go into often.  Unblock any vents that are obstructed by furniture. Close the door to rooms you won’t be using.  
  • Switch the Direction of Your Fans – Instead of leaving your ceiling fan dormant during the winter months, you can switch the direction. When you switch from counterclockwise to clockwise, you start moving the hot air that rises back down into your room.  

2) Plant an indoor garden:

It may be a while before your garden outside is thriving, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying fresh flowers and beautiful plants. There are indoor-friendly plants for all levels of gardeners, and even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can find a plant that will work for you. We especially love to pick plants that help purify the air inside your home and make your house a greener, happier place!  

3) Build a fort:

Let’s be honest, a day at home is not the worst thing that could happen. We suggest gathering all of your pillows and blankets and getting to work. Once you build an epic fort, snuggle up, get a fire going and start a movie to have fun and stay warm! We can’t think of a better way to save energy than that!  


If you want to learn more about keeping your house energy efficient you can visit our website, or call us for more information. We’ve been providing the Clarksville area with heating, cooling, sales, and service since 1979. When it comes to any of your air conditioning or heating needs the choice is simple. When you need action, call Action Air.