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Holiday HVAC Safety Tips While Decorating

‘Tis the season for decorating, just beware of certain threats to your HVAC system. Action Air has some safety tips to keep in mind during the holiday season

Don’t cover your vents

  • Prevent your Christmas tree, decorations, or presents from covering any air vents. Free the vents from any obstructions so it can dispense a good amount of air in your home and let your unit work in good condition.

Don’t decorate your outdoor unit

  • Outdoor decorations make your home shine during the holidays. Your neighbors will love it but your HVAC unit may not work as well if you put them too close to it. Keep decorations at least 3 feet away so it can work properly and efficiently.

Don’t cover the thermostat

  • If you hide your thermostat with decorations it will make it harder for the device to read the temperature in your home which can result in a chilly home and higher utility bills.

Keep decorations away from heating sources

  • Make sure to keep your paper, blankets, and packages away from heaters, radiators, and other household equipment that emit heat to avoid fire hazards.

Schedule your unit inspection

  • Now is a good time to have your HVAC unit inspected. The cold winter months especially the holidays, wouldn’t be a pleasant time for your HVAC unit to break down.
  • Call Action Air and let us take the worry out of maintaining your unit during this special time of the year.
  • With Action Air’s Preventative Maintenance, you’ll enjoy priority 24/7 service and automatic reminders of when it’s time for service

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