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HVAC Maintenance for Your Business

From the heat of summer to the cold of winter, proper maintenance of your business HVAC systems is key to keeping your customers happy and your energy bills low

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

  • Commercial HVAC maintenance is just as important as your car’s regular maintenance.
  • A small investment in preventative maintenance can save you money.
  • Regular maintenance can elongate the lifespan of each component of your system.
  • Malfunctioning or clogged HVAC parts put extra stress on the unit to perform.
  • That extra stress, compounded with normal wear and tear, can drastically reduce the life of your commercial HVAC unit.

Commercial systems need a little more TLC

  • Commercial HVAC systems have a huge complex network of equipment to properly heat, cool, and ventilate the air in your business.
  • Unlike residential systems, commercial maintenance programs should include at least 4 annual services.
  • Don’t wait for something to happen before giving your system attention.

A typical commercial HVAC checklist will include:

  • Replacing air filters
  • Getting rid of dirt, dust, debris on registers and air intakes.
  • Cleaning pans and drains
  • Checking seals
  • Comparing the heating and cooling bills from the year before.
  • Scheduling professional maintenance.

Having trouble getting started with best practices and maintenance for your HVAC units? We’ve got you covered! From air filter changes to regularly scheduled maintenance checks, Action Air is here to help.

Action Air has provided heating, cooling, sales, and service since 1979 and proudly serves customers in Montgomery, Stewart, Robertson, Dickson, Houston, and Cheatham counties in Tennessee and Christian, Todd, and Logan counties in Kentucky. We have certified, NON-COMMISSIONED service technicians, qualified installers, and a knowledgeable sales staff. We can help you with your heating and cooling needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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