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Why is my furnace not kicking on?

Posted on: January 21st, 2016 by tcg_admin No Comments

Nothing is more frustrating than a cold house, especially when it’s supposed to be warm!  

When you walk inside from the cold winter air, you expect your house to be heated to an acceptable level. If you discover that that’s not happening, there are a few simple things you can check before calling Action Air for help.

Check Your Thermostat  

Check the Circuit Breaker

Change your Air Filter

There are many things that keep a furnace from blowing, but these simple solutions are a good start to getting your heater running again. If you have taken these troubleshooting steps and your heating system still does not start, contact us.  

If these tips don’t take care of your heating issues, our experienced HVAC repair team has the safety equipment and tools to inspect your entire heating system for signs of problems. We are certified to work with gas lines and have the training and protective gear to do so without injury. The team at Action Air is experienced in working on all types of gas and electric heating systems. No heating problem is too complex for our professional staff, so give Action Air in Clarksville, TN a call at 931-647-8525 today!


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What Type of Furnace is Right for You?

Posted on: September 30th, 2015 by tcg_admin 1 Comment

Your furnace keeps you warm at night and helps you out of bed in the morning.

While being comfortable is important, you should also consider energy efficiency and cost when you are thinking about a new furnace.

So, what are your options when you need a new furnace?   At Action Air we have several types of furnaces available.  There are many price and efficiency ranges available for you to consider.  We are going to compare a few different furnace options that Action Air offers to the Clarksville area, and share a little about how each kind works.

Today’s furnaces pollute less and boost comfort by producing heat more steadily than older furnaces.  Although electric and oil furnaces are still available, gas is the most common fuel used in furnaces today and the type of furnace we want to discuss.   A forced air furnace utilizes propane or natural gas, and is generally the most efficient and economical method of heating.  There are several types of forced air furnaces available and they have various energy ratings.  

Although this is good general guide, there are an even greater number of choices and variables available within these types of furnaces.  To learn more about which furnace will be the best furnace for you, consult with one of the experts at Action Air today.  You can call us at (931) 647-8525 or contact us online.  Located in Clarksville, we have certified service technicians, qualified installers, and a knowledgeable sales staff serving Montgomery County and all of the surrounding areas. When You Need Action, Call Action Air!