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Host a cool party without guests getting too hot!

Whether you’ve been the host, an attendee, or even a party crasher, we have all been to a holiday party that got way too hot. When it’s cold outside, the natural response is to kick the heat up a notch. However, somewhere between fanning yourself in the kitchen and watching as your guests dab sweat from their brows, you may start to regret that ugly sweater theme if you aren’t careful.

Check out these easy tips to help make your next Christmas party comfortable and energy efficient!  


1) Start the process before the party.  

As we know all too well here in Tennessee, the temps around the holidays can fluctuate greatly. One of the best ways to control shifting temperatures inside your home is to utilize an auto-switching thermostat that will switch back and forth between heating and cooling as needed.

2) Control the flow of outside air.

Holiday parties mean that your door will be opening and closing often throughout the night as guests arrive and leave. If you can, limit entrance and exit to a door furthest from the thermostat. This will help reduce the number of heating cycles your system will undergo during the evening.

3) Turn down the heat.

This is an easy one. When you know you have guests coming, simply turn down the temperature in your home by a few degrees prior to their arrival! You can even wait until the first few people start to show up before doing this. If rooms begin to feel stuffy regardless of a lowered temperature on the thermostat, simply turn on a fan or slightly crack a window (just don’t forget to close them when guests leave!).


Here at Action Air we love a good party with our loved ones. We also love making sure everyone stays comfortable and happy! Whether you have questions about when to change your air filter or need help with creative ways to stay cool while cooking, we are here to make sure your home or business always feels just right. Contact us us today to schedule a service visit and don’t forget about the importance of regular maintenance to keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape!